On-line тестирование

Вы можете пройти тестирование на уровень знания английского языка прямо у нас на сайте.

Поля помеченые звёздочкой (*) — обязательны для заполнения.

Если Вы не знаете ответов на те или иные вопросы — отвечать на них не нужно.

О результате тестирования вам сообщат в кратчайшие сроки после прохождения.

Личные данные

Эл. почта*:

Level 1. Beginners

1. Choose the best alternative.

1. My brother and I ... good tennis players.

2. Are you a student?

3. - They are from Brazil.

4. - She`s a teacher.

5. Where is your key?

2. Circle the odd one out.








3. Write the true answers about yourself.

1. What`s your name?

2. What`s your surname?

3. Where are you from?

4. How old are you?

5. What`s your job?

Level 2. Elementary

1. Choose the best alternative.

1. Do you live in Madrid?

2. Did you have lunch at home yesterday?

3. - In a flat.

4. - She`s a teacher.

5. Sorry, I`m busy. I ...

2. Complete these sentences with the correct preposition in, at, from, to, on.

George and Mary are  England. They live  London,  an old house. They go  work by bus. They work  09. 00 am  02. 00 pm. They don`t work  the afternoon and often stay  home.  Saturdays they often visit friends or play tennis  the local club.

3. Write the question for the answer.

1. Whose  ? This is my book.

2. What  ? Sarah is playing basketball.

3. Where  ? We live in Madrid.

4. When  ? She phoned them yesterday.

5. How  ? He goes to work by car.

Level 3. Pre-Intermediate

1. Choose the best alternative.

1. How long have you been living in Madrid?

2. Did you have lunch at home?

3. When he ... TV, the telephone rang.

4. They didn`t go and play golf on Saturday ... the bad weather.

5. The first electric guitar ... in 1930.

2. Decide if the sentences are correct or incorrect. Correct the wrong ones.

1. He not lives in Madrid.

2. How much it costs?

3. My uncle born in Liverpool.

4. Where did you went at the weekend?

5. What`s your job? – I`m a policeman.

6. Do you like your new job? – Yes, I like.

3. Put the words in the correct order.

1. you have had holiday yet a?

2. 20 it to get takes minutes to work

3. suitcases how carrying many he was?

4. so late you should go not to bed

5. he got quite has few friends a

Level 4. Intermediate

1. Choose the best alternative.

1. I`ve ... washed my hair.

2. Did Susan come home before 11. 00 pm last night?

3. Mary is tired. She ... the flat, but the floor is still dirty.

4. I don`t earn much money so I can`t afford a car. I wish I ... more money.

5. They invited us ... a meal with them.

2. Write the questions for these statements.

1. What  rains this weekend? I`ll stay at home and read a book, or go to the cinema.

2. What  the lottery? I`d buy a big house in the country.

3. She has broken her leg. How  it?

4. How  ? She speaks three, English, German and French.

5. What  at this time tomorrow? Maybe watching television.

3. Translate into English.

1. Где живет Ваша сестра?

2. Сколько стоит этот компьютер?

3. Когда мы вышли гулять вчера, шел сильный дождь.

4. Что Вы собираетесь делать на выходных?

5. Я не понимаю, что Вы говорите. Повторите еще раз, пожалуйста.

6. Какая сейчас погода?

Level 5. Upper-Intermediate

1. Choose the best alternative.

1. He's looking forward ... that film.

2. I ... getting up at 08. 00. It's not as difficult as I thought.

3. There’s somebody behind us, we ... .

4. He asked me if I ... there and if I ... there the year before.

5. I couldn't mend the TV myself, so I ... at a shop.

2. Put the verb (in brackets) in the correct tense.

This is the most beautiful country I've ever  (be) to, however our accommodation could  (be) better. Yesterday a strange thing happened. While we  (walk) along the main high street a man came out of his restaurant and asked us if we  (want) to eat there. We  (receive) a similar offer from two other restaurateurs before this, but we  (not accept) their offers. On this occasion we did, but once inside in the establishment we wished we  (not go) in. It was a snake restaurant, the only thing on the menu was every kind of snake you can imagine.

3. Translate the sentences into English.

1. Заходите, пожалуйста. Чувствуйте себя как дома. Угощайтесь пирогом.

2. Как дела у Ваших родителей? Им лучше?

3. Мы рады видеть Вас снова. Как Вы были (все это время)?

4. Могу я поговорить с Джо? – Он только что вышел. Вы хотите оставить для него сообщение?

5. Это самый умный человек, с которым я когда-либо разговаривал.

6. Жаль, что его нет с нами. Если бы он приехал вчера, ничего бы не случилось. Давай позвоним ему.